Combining Data & Strategy to Deliver Real Impact

Only by combining both a knowledge of operational strategy and actions with real data is it possible to deliver changes that impact the P&L.

Linking Data, Operations, Strategy & Customers to the P&L

Strategy Resolution Ltd offers consultancy and courses in Data, Strategy, Collections and Risk with a special focus on Financial Services and Public Sector.

We believe putting customers and data at the heart of everything we do results in higher long term profitability and a better customer experience.

Clients have include a FTSE 100 Financial Services company in the UK and a major European Debt Purchaser.

Jason McKee

Strategy Resolution Ltd’s principal has ten years experience working with Santander before founding this company. He has experience of analytics, strategies, operations and processes as well as having spent time working in Europe.

Since starting Strategy Resolution in 2017 he has continued to work with companies in the UK, Spain and the Nordics.